Certify.com Raises $1.9 Million From Angel Investors Esther Dyson and William Ryan

Posted Sep 25, 2009

Certify.com is a company that focuses on expense management which has just raised $1.9 million from angel investors. The angel investors include Esther Dyson and former TD BankNorth CEO William Ryan. Certify.com sells portable scanners for $139 that will automatically upload receipts to your Certify Wallet e-mail address. The company also has an iPhone application that gets added to your Certify Wallet once you e-mail the picture to data@certify.com.

For individuals, having a Certify Wallet costs $5 per month. Corporate plans have a variety of options. The corporate expense manager has a dashboard in order to track the analytics around the receipts. These services are especially useful for those who spend a great deal of time traveling around for company purposes. I would not be surprised if major consulting firms pick up on using this service soon.