ChaCha’s New Strategy, Call Them To Search For You

Posted Jun 24, 2008

About two months ago I wrote about how you can get your questions answered by ChaCha when sending a text message to 1-800-224-2242 (1800-2CHACHA).  Today ChaCha has an additional feature to use with that phone number.

Now when you actually call the number instead of text messaging it, a ChaCha guide will answer the phone and search the web to provide solutions to your question.  The service is free and available 24/7.  The question must be asked in English in order to get a formal response back.

“ChaCha’s new voice capability pushes the boundaries of mobile 411 beyond its historical name-and-address limit” stated Greg Sterling, principal of Sterling Market Intelligence.  “It represents a next step in the evolution of the industry from directory assistance to voice search.”

This feature is called callChaCha and it was launched in beta testing around April 2008.  ChaCha was funded by Bezos Expeditions, who also recently funded Twitter.  ChaCha raised over $6 million in funding to date.

ChaCha has shifted away from their chat room model about 2 months ago.   ChaCha is crazy.  What will they think of next?  If anyone tries out the call service, please leave a comment about your experience with callChaCha.