Chad Ochocinco Plans To Fly Out Fans To Tweet For Him During Games

Posted Aug 27, 2009

Chad Ochocinco is not letting the man hold him down from live tweeting during NFL football games.  The National Football League has decided that if players are caught tweeting during games, they will be financially penalized.  But Ochocinco has came up with a way to still tweet during games without touching Twitter himself.

During a Ustream broadcast, Ochocinco said that he will be launching a contest in which he will fly one of his followers every week to a Bengals game.  He will then give the follower hand signals.  The hand signals will indicate what he wants the follower to tweet for him.

This sounds like a great deal for Ochocinco’s followers.  Not only will they be able to attend a football game, he will also be given a ticket to the game, and will get to hang out with Ochocinco himself. Below is a video of Ochocinco making the announcement: