Hotwire Co-Founders Gregg Brockway and Eric Grosse Launches Chairish

Posted Feb 27, 2013

Hotwire co-founders Gregg Brockway and Eric Grosse have launched a new startup company called Chairish.  Chairish is an online furniture consignment company.  The idea for Chairish was started after Brockway left his other company TripIt when it was acquired by Concur Technologies for $120 million in 2011.

Gregg Brockway and his wife Anna came up with the idea for the company when they moved into a new home and some of their furniture did not fit.  The furniture was too nice to sell on Craigslist and taking it to a consignment store was too much of a hassle.

Grosse was looking for another project while working as an EIR at Matrix Partners.  Anna is an interior designer and is also a co-founder in the company.

Chairish is different from Craigslist because they choose what furniture they accept into the store.  The company can edit photos and write product descriptions.  Deliveries can be arranged for a 20% fee.  At a 40% fee, Chairish-associated workers will come to the house and do all of the work including storing the furniture off-site.

“Hotwire was a fantastic experience,” stated Brockway. “We raised $75 million in its first round, hired 100 people and grew as quickly as we could. It was complete and utter chaos.”  Chairish is self-funded and has less than 10 employees.