Charell Star and Morgan Gantt Crowdfunding Business Show Pilot Startup: NYC

Posted Oct 10, 2012

Charell Star contacted me to tell me about her new business show pilot called “Startup: NYC.” Professionals that branch out on their own and small business owners will have a reality show that speaks directly to them. The Startup: NYC show idea was put together by Ms. Star and Ms. Morgan Gantt. The two entrepreneurs is working with an indie TV crowdfunding website called Mobcaster. The pilot episode of the show teaches people what the challenges are with building a successful business in America.

?Everyone tells you that launching a business will be difficult and many times that is the only free advice people are willing to share,? stated Charell Star, the founder and CEO of PA For A Day. PA For A Day is a personal assistant and placement agency in New York City. ?We wanted to create a show that would be a resource for others at the startup phase of their business path and be an inspiration to others considering making the jump.?

The Startup: NYC pilot showcases how Star and Gantt navigate through their day-to-day challenges of maintaining independent healthy small businesses.

?There is no need to throw wine bottles at people,? stated Swigch?d CEO Morgan Gantt. Swigch’d is a distributor of wigs and hair extensions. ?Running a business like mine comes complete with its own brand of drama. It?s a positive type of drama that can impact your life and the lives of others if you learn how to navigate it. That?s what we want this show to convey.?

Startup: NYC is going to be featured on Mobcaster through November 18, 2012. Gantt and Star funded the pilot themselves and they served as the Executive Producers of the show. The duo has a crowd-funding goal of $40,000 to create the full first season of episodes that will motivate others to walk the paths less traveled.

Startup: NYC pilot views can contribute any amount from $10 to $5,000 to help create a series. Supporters can earn incentives based on their funding amounts which ranges from a “thank you” on the show’s fan page to a mention in the show credits.