Charitybuzz Sells A Tour Of Facebook’s Headquarters For $70,000

Posted Aug 16, 2011

CharityBuzz is a website that auctions off meetings with celebrities, sports events, art, etc. Interestingly CharityBuzz recently sold off a tour of Facebook’s headquarters for $70,000. Within the first week, there were 23 bidders that hit $10,000. The tour doesn’t guarantee a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg. On the final day, the bid jumped another $60,000.

Charitybuzz did not reveal the winner, but the rep suggested that the tour might have been motivated by parental affection as in being a gift for a kid or a family member. “Many of our bidders purchase items and experiences from charitybuzz as gifts for their children or family members, so maybe the winning bidder purchased this to share with a friend or family member of the ?Facebook Generation,'” stated a Charitybuzz rep. The tour will be given by Firefox co-founder and director of product for Facebook Blake Ross.