Charles Okeke Testing Out SynCardia’s Total Artificial Heart [VIDEO]

Posted May 24, 2010

Charles Okeke is a 43 year old that was tethered to a 400 pound machine in the hospital. Okeke was 30 years old when a blood clot destroyed his heart.
Today Okeke has a Total Artificial Heart. Both ventricles were removed along with the four valves. Connectors were sewn in and the device pumps just like the human heart does. “For the longest time I could not physically put my hand to my chest because it felt so weird,” stated Okeke. The Total Artificial Heart has just been approved by the FDA and it is the size of a backpack.

“Sensors that used to be the size of a can of soup are now about the size of a quarter,” stated SynCardia’s Steven Langford of SynCardia. “That leap has enabled us to downsize the entire console.” Check out the video below about Okeke talking about the Total Artificial Heart:

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