Chicago Attorney Meanith Huon Suing Above The Law Blog For $50 Million

Posted May 12, 2011

Meanith Huon is a Chicago-based attorney that is suing the Above The Law blog for $50 million. This lawsuit was filed about a year after Above The Law wrote a blog post about Huron for sexual assault charges. Above The Law portrayed that Huon is a serial offender and linked to two other stories about sexual assault charges. However the three articles were about the same incident.

?The content of the article were [sic] defamatory in that it incorrectly and recklessly portrayed Mr. Huon as a serial rapist by treating the same complaining witness as three different women.” Huon’s lawsuit was filed against the Above The Law blog and parent company Breaking Media. It will be tough for Huon to win the $50 million because the story used sarcastic language and they simply linked to other stories.