China Mobile Users Send Out 174.2 Billion SMS Messages In 3 Months

Posted Apr 22, 2009

Fresh from the talks of the potential to make Dell smartphones, China Mobile has released some very impressive numbers regarding their mobile subscribers. Although the revenue per user is falling, China Mobile users are downloading more music, making lots of calls, and texting each other a lot more now than ever.

On China Mobile, over 174.2 billion SMS messages were sent during January 1 through March 31. The carrier also has 384 million users on their wireless music service. The reason why the company is losing more money per user is because they introduced more economical phone plans.

However this year the country started adding 3G networks which will make it easier to sell more value-added services just like AT&T is capitalizing on right now with the iPhone 3G.

[via IDG/China Mobile PR]