Chinese Government Pushing For A Single Instruction Set Architecture Standard

Posted Apr 28, 2012

The Chinese government is pushing for a plan to approve of a single instruction set architecture (ISA) standard. This is the system used for describing how computer hardware interacts with programming, commands, inputs, and outputs. MIPS Technologies , a company that operates an ISA called MIPS, said that the Chinese government is hoping to either approve of a newly created ISA or build off of an existing one.

“They want a common software ecosystem,” stated Robert Bismuth, the VP of Business Development at MIPS, “and the only way to get that is with a common ISA.” MIPS’ Loongson chip could be a candidate for the new ISA itself.

China is also known for having their own set of technology standards like the TD-LTE, which is a variant of 4G LTE networks that is being tested by China Mobile.

The president of ARM said that the initiative has been in talks for many months now. He added that it would be possible to develop a new ISA, but building an ecosystem around it will be far more difficult.