Chris Messina Wants Hashtags for Google+

Posted Jul 18, 2011

Chris Messina, the man responsible for Twitter hashtags, wants to bring the topic-tagging method to Google+. Google already uses “+name” to tag people on Google+, but has yet to introduce any kind of tagging to the social network, which can make sifting through posts a little unorganized. As CNET notes, Google uses tags (“labels”) in Gmail.

Hashtags (or some other, less-Twitter-related idea) would certainly organize the Google+ stream, but how long until they turn into a hindrance? Hashtags on Twitter have become more of a game than a tool, with tags like #whenIwaslittle full of people reminiscing and #1waytopissmeoff a stockpile of angry tweeters. Could Google+ escape the trend of tagging games? Google+ lead Joseph Smarr has stated that he would like hashtags, but there is no official word on the possible update.