Steve Jobs’ Ex-Girlfriend Chrisann Brennan Producing A Memoir

Posted Oct 7, 2012

Chrisann Brennan is an ex-girlfriend of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  She is also the mother of Jobs’ daughter Lisa.  Ms. Brennan is currently writing a book about her relationship with Jobs, which was rather tumultuous.  St. Martin’s Press, a subsidiary of Macmillan has acquired the rights to the untitled memoir from Ms. Brennan.  She is currently a painter in San Francisco.

Ms. Brennan and Jobs met at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California.  The two of them lived in a cabin together and meditated together.  After Jobs passed away, Ms. Brennan wrote an article about him in Rolling Stone magazine.  She became pregnant in her early 20’s and gave birth to Lisa Brennan-Jobs.  Initially Jobs denied that Lisa was his daughter, but later on he developed a close relationship with her.  He even named a personal computer after her called the Apple Lisa.

The book will be about her relationship with Jobs and the founding of Apple.  It will also be about his ruthlessness when it comes to his personal life and business.