Police Arrest Christopher Sides After Spotted Wearing “Joker” Makeup At Florida Movie Theater

Posted Sep 6, 2012

The police has arrested a man named Christopher Sides for wearing make-up that is similar to the “Joker” character in the Batman series of movies.  The arrested was made on Wednesday after calls were made that a man was behaving suspiciously.  Christopher Sides, 21, was arrested after he exited the Premier Theatre in Melbourne, Florida.  His hair was dyed pink too.  Throughout the arrested, he cooperated with the police during and did not make any threats.

Sides was pacing back and forth inside the theater around 10:30AM.  After the arrest, police found that Sides failed to appear on a previous misdemeanor charge.  He was arrested for the failure to appear.  Sides purchased a ticket to watch The Expendables 2 and he was not armed.

This incident worried people because Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes appeared to resemble the “Joker” character.  Sides claimed that he was not aware of the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  ?We are always vigilant,? stated Premiere Theatre general manager Jim Murrish. ?Safety is our number one priority.?