Christopher Soghoian Suing Dropbox For Allegedly Deceiving Users About Security and Encryption

Posted May 14, 2011

Christopher Soghoian is a Ph.D. student that alleges that cloud file storage service deceives users about the security and encryption of their services. Soghoian made the complaint through the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Soghoian said that Dropbox could see the content of files, which puts their users at risk of government searches.

Soghoian spent a year working at the FTC. He says that Dropbox ?has and continues to make deceptive statements to consumers regarding the extent to which it protects and encrypts their data,? which is considered deceptive trade practices. Dropbox says that this complaint is without merit. Dropbox has 25 million users and they say that all of the files on their servers are encrypted (AES 256).