The new version of Chrome shows you which tabs are noisy

Posted Jan 15, 2014

Google has updated the Google Chrome browser that shows you which tabs are making noise. This is a great feature if you frequently have multiple tabs open at the same time. The noisy tab indicator has a speaker iron next to the “close tab” cross icon. This feature is now a core feature in Chrome 32.

The Chrome 32 browser also has bolder warning messages for blocked malicious files and a “supervised users” feature. Different user accounts can be created and those accounts can be reviewed and restricted. Google also updated the look and feel of Chrome in Windows 8.

There are other icons placed in the new version of Google tab. If one of your tabs is accessing your webcam, there will be a webcam icon placed on that tab. If one of the tab is accessing your Google Chromecast device, there is an icon for that as well.