Chyngle iPhone Application Helps You Find Food And The John At Stadiums

Posted Sep 17, 2009

Chyngle is a mobile application company started by Todd Sullivan. Sullivan went to Yale University for his undergraduate degree and earned an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan where he won the MBA Entrepreneur of the Year. One of Sullivan’s latest applications is an iPhone application that has football stadiums mapped out and reports where the food stalls and bathrooms are. There is also a button that contacts medical assistance. And the application also has the ability to find carpools for getting back home.

So far Chyngle has the University of Michigan Stadium (also known as “The Big House” and the second largest stadium in the U.S.) mapped out. The Chyngle branded application uses the GPS built into the phone to find out your location and find out the services and people nearby. The services are marked by a red dot on the map. To order a pizza, drinks, chips, or anything else the user can send an SMS message to the food stands. Sullivan coined this service “in-pocket marketing.” Chyngle makes money by charging the venue $2,000 per month as a licensing fee.

At the TechCrunch50 demopit session, Sean Parker suggested a name change. He said he started a company called Plaxo and “people thought it was a dental problem.” Another judge suggested making it free for iPhone users and creating maps of bigger venues such as Madison Square Gardens.