Cisco Has Acquired Wireless Company Intucell For $475 Million

Posted Jan 24, 2013

Cisco Systems has acquired Intucell for $475 million.  Intucell is a four year old company that was founded by Rani Wellingstein and Ido Susan.  The company raised only $6 million in total funding in 2011 by Bessember Venture Partners.  Intucell enables wireless cell phone towers to work with each other and prevent dropped calls, including heavily populated areas like San Francisco and Manhattan.  AT&T partnered with Intucell after the company received the investment and they saw “immediate” results.  Intucell started generating revenue very early and Bessemer’s stake was never diluted.

Intucell’s Self Optimizing Network (SON) solution has real time network visibility provided by the Virtual Drive Test.  Intucell’s systems tune the network to actual conditions as they change and develop.  Intucell performs thousands of micro adjustments and dynamically adapts to demand instead of jumping from one static point to another.  The users’ quality of experience improves as a result.  Intucell also helps video streaming services run smoothly.  Intucell provides licenses to install their technology across the network.  The company expands rapidly and has offices in the U.K. and Singapore.  They also have an R&D center in Israel.