Cisco Systems Acquires Whiptail For $415 Million

Posted Sep 10, 2013

Cisco Systems has acquired a data storage company called Whiptail for $415 million.  Cisco is paying cash and incentives for the acquisition.  The deal is expected to close in Q1 2014.

Based in Whippany, New Jersey, Whiptail makes storage systems based on flash memory chips.  This allows data to move through servers with speed and efficiency at higher volumes.

“We are focused on providing a converged infrastructure including compute, network and high performance solid state that will help address our customers’ requirements for next-generation computing environments,” stated Cisco Computing Systems Product Group vice president and general manager Paul Perez.  “As we continue to innovate our unified platform, WHIPTAIL will help realize our vision of scalable persistent memory which is integrated into the server, available as a fabric resource and managed as a globally shared pool.”

[Source: Reuters]