Cisco Systems (CSCO) Acquires Sourcefire For $2.7 Billion

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Cisco Systems has acquired security software company Sourcefire for $2.7 billion.  Cisco and Sourcefire will offer advanced threat protection before, during, and after a security attack from any device to any cloud.  Both of the companies have approved of the acquisition and it will be closed later this year.

Sourcefire has 650 employees and reported $223.1 million in revenues for 2012.  The company sells network security and malware protection software.  They also have intrusion prevention systems appliances.  Earlier this year, Cisco Systems acquired another security company called Cognitive Security.

Aside from Sourcefire’s talent, Cisco was intrigued by the open-source community around the Snort ecosystem.  Snort is an intrusion detection and prevention engine that was created by Sourcefire founder and CTO Martin Roesch.  The combined companies will offer customers a value proposition far beyond what they have got today.

Snort will remain free following the deal’s close, according to PCWorld.