City Of San Francisco No Longer Buying Macs Because Of Environmental Standards

Posted Jul 11, 2012

This past weekend, Apple withdrew from the EPEAT green electronics standards. Now it appears that federal, state, and local governments will not be buying Macs as a result. The City of San Francisco said that letters will be sent to all 50 city agencies over the next 2 weeks to let them know that Apple desktops and laptops will no longer be qualified for procurement. This is not a huge hit for Apple though because the City of San Francisco spent only $45,579 of the $3.8 million for computers on Apple products including the iPad. The iPad does not fall under the EPEAT certification and will not be part of the procurement ban.  Even though Apple withdrew from the EPEAT standards, Apple has been a very green company when compared to other computer manufacturers.  The company even sponsors recycling programs online and at retail outlets.