CityVille Hits 47.9 Million Monthly Active Users In 18 Days

Posted Dec 21, 2010

CityVille, the social game created by Zynga, has hit 47.9 million monthly active users in about 18 days. At this rate, CityVille may surpass FarmVille as the largest social game in a few days. FarmVille currently has 56.3 million monthly active users.

If CityVille hits this number, then it would be the fastest-growing game in history and would be the largest game ever being played today. Some of the reasons why CityVille is appealing is because there are built-in motivators to keep you playing. An example that VentureBeat gives is that when you plant strawberries in a field, you can harvest them in 5 minutes. The fastest growing crop in FarmVille takes about two hours.