IPO Officially Postponed

Posted Feb 21, 2008

United Online, parent company of announced that they are withdrawing their IPO for the school reunion-focused social networ.  Currently is facing a lot of competitive pressures (such as MySpace/Facebook/Friendster/Hi5), but is pulling out due to current market conditions.  United Online still plans on eventually having a IPO according to a 10K filing.

United Online has already capitalized $3.6 million in IPO costs by December 31, 2007 and if they don’t have an IPO for Classmates, then these costs will have to be filed as an expense in a future period. recently restructured to become its own reporting unit.  Currently Classmates has 3.2 million+ paid accounts.

Other United Online properties include MyPoints, Freeservers, Juno, and NetZero.