ClearFit Raises $7 Million In Series A

Posted Mar 21, 2013

ClearFit is a human resources company that helps companies finding and hiring the best candidates.  ClearFit has raised $7 million in Series A funding led by GrandBanks Capital and Relay Ventures.  Currently ClearFit has over 8,000 customers and the company.  ClearFit offers a free trial that can be set up in about a quarter of the time that it takes to put together a traditional job posting.

ClearFit has patented software that uses data analysis to predict employment success five times better than traditional hiring.  This is included in the cost of a regular job posting.  Tim Wright of GrandBanks will be joining the ClearFit baord of directors.

“Small businesses are inadequately served by large, enterprise hiring software. ClearFit puts enterprise-class capabilities within reach and tailors them directly to the needs of small business owners,” stated Wright. “They are addressing a massive sector of the economy that does not have a capable solution.”  ClearFit raised $1.7 million in late 2012 from Relay Ventures and several Toronto investors.