Click With Me Now Lets People Share Web Sessions With One Click

Posted Oct 10, 2012

Click With Me Now is a service that lets you quickly share your screen with your spouse, family members, friends, and work colleagues.  This saves you time from having to e-mail web links or photos.  Click With Me Now launched at DEMO Fall 2012.

Click With Me Now is a web based application that has created the simple patent-pending technology for every day web users to instantly share a web session.  I have used multiple screen sharing services and they require software installations on both sides of the computer, which can be rather inconvenient.  Click With Me Now’s service is one-click and does not require a download.

Click With Me Now provides the technology to retailers to incorporate in their websites. Click With Me Now founders have a deep experience in healthcare and retail.  They believe that this technology can be huge for researching and purchasing health insurance.

?At Blue Cross, we see many seniors a day, and most of them need help understanding their Medicare options and making choices. They often want that help from a family member while they review our materials online,? stated Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Rhode Island Vice President Jim Gallagher. ?By incorporating Click With Me Now websharing technology, we?re looking forward to reducing abandonment and, more importantly, helping consumers make more confident buying decisions.?

?Click With Me Now allows for help in researching and buying online when friends and family can?t be standing over your shoulder,? stated Click With Me Now Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Brian Handrigan. ?But in addition to better facilitating the online purchase, our vision is to help companies understand how people share web sites with each other. It?s learning from the ways people collaborate on web sites with others that will ultimately make the Internet a better place for everyone.?