Clicker Helps Scour The Net For Full TV Show Episodes

Posted Sep 16, 2009

Clicker’s motto is “What’s On Online” and that is exactly what they intend on informing you about. The problem with streaming video on the web today is that it is all over the place with no central place for all of it to be monitored. Between Hulu and CBS, they both have the highest quality of programming but they are still limited to just what they want to and can offer.

Clicker categorizes shows based on genre, network, and show name enabling web surfers more options. Finding content on many other video search websites heavily depend on text based searches. Clicker will also allow users to edit information about shows in a wiki format.

Although there isn’t a way for Clicker to make money yet, they plan to create a Pro option for users to store their favorite videos on the web like DVR or TiVo. Clicker is led by Jim Lanzone, former CEO of and COO Paul Wehrley. Clicker demonstrated their service at the TechCrunch50 conference.