Clicktale Raises $17 Million

Posted Apr 30, 2013

Based in Tel Aviv, Clicktale is a startup that has raised $17 million in funding led by Amadeus Capital Partners.  Other investors that participated in this round include Goldrock Capital and Viola Credit.  Clicktale’s “In-Page analytics” that helps customers track the behavior of their visitors.

Clicktale tracks every mouse move including the clicks and scrolls.  The company then compiles visual heat maps and reports for their customers.  This can be extremely useful for companies that are aggressively looking to improve their A/B testing.

Clicktale offers their optimization services based on a “freemium” model.  Clicktale has over 80,000 customers including Groupon, T-Mobile, and Lenovo.  The company generated over $10 million in 2012 revenues.