Cliqset One-Ups FriendFeed By Organizing Information Into Modules

Posted Oct 14, 2009

As anyone that has used FriendFeed knows, the service allows you to aggregate all of your online activity on social networks. However the information is presented in a way that looks similar to the Facebook News Feed Homepage. Everything on the FriendFeed homepage seems to get clustered in that way.

Earlier this week Cliqset went into public beta. The Cliqset application was built using Adobe AIR. Cliqset can aggregate all the same social networks that FriendFeed can, but it allows you to sort the activity in separate modules. Cliqset also has better control of what you the information that you would like to see.

Updates on Cliqset can be shared and commented on. There is also a feature that allows you to “like” certain updates. Would I use it personally? Probably not because I only use Twitter and Facebook the most. For those needs, TweetDeck is good enough for me

However if you have a lot of information to track, I’d highly recommend downloading Cliqset for Adobe AIR. Below is a screenshot of what the service looks like.