Close To 1.2 Billion YouTube Videos Being Streamed Per Day

Posted Jun 9, 2009

The problem with services that report the analytics and visits for many websites is that they don’t have direct access to server logs.  Whenever Comscore or Nielsen reports the numbers for a website, it is usually an underestimated number.  Earlier this month, it was reported that YouTube streamed about 6.5 billion video views.  Based on this number, it comes out to be about 200-225 million video views per day.

However a source at Google reported to TechCrunch that the actual figure is about 1.2 billion views per day across the world. Unlike many other video content websites, Google has not really reported the numbers before.  In the past Comscore has admitted that they can only estimate based on available data.

Given the bandwidth and storage that is required to run YouTube, the cost of keeping the site online is pegged to be around $2 million per day.  If there are really 1.2 billion video views and about 30,000 hours of footage being uploaded per day, I wouldn’t be surprised if it costs more than that.