Cloud Operations Insight Company CloudCheckr Raises $2 Million

Posted Apr 14, 2013

CloudCheckr is a startup that helps companies analyze resources, costs, and security based around Amazon Web Services.  CloudCheckr has raised $2 million in funding and launched a “freemium” service.  The $2 million Series A round was led by Garrison Capital. Genesee Capital also participated in this round.  CloudCheckr customers are required authorize their Amazon Web Services account before starting to use their service. Customers that use Amazon Web Services may have noticed that it is rather difficult to monitor the health of their files deployed on the cloud service.

CloudCheckr users can configure reporting settings and modules like resource monitoring can be customized.  CloudCheckr has a module for best practices and costs.  Multiple services can be monitored within the deployment graphically on a dashboard.

CloudCheckr focuses on 3 key areas. This includes Resource Control, Cost Optimization, and Best Practices.

Resource Control – CloudCheckr’s Resource Control offers comprehensive and up-to-date visibility in your deployment.  It offers top level views and detailed reporting so that you can access accurate inventories of your services, resources, configuration, and policies.

Cost Optimization – CloudCheckr’s Cost Optimization requires facilitates right sizing and right purchasing.  The Cost Optimization has utilization reports that shows which resources are over utilized and underutilized.

Best Practices – CloudCheckr’s Best Practices compiles and updates hundreds of best practices for AWS configurations that affects security, cost, and availability.  CloudCheckr assesses the latest state of your deployment against up-to-date best practice checks on a daily basis.