Cloud Printing, Third Party Apps, and Sync Coming To Google Docs Soon

Posted Nov 2, 2010

The Google Operating System blog noticed something in the source code in Google Docs that revealed some upcoming features. The three upcoming features includes cloud printing, third party applications, and device syncing.

Cloud printing would allow you to print Google Docs from mobile devices. “This goal is accomplished through the use of a cloud print service. Apps no longer rely on the local operating system (and drivers) to print. Instead, apps (whether they be a native desktop/mobile app or a web app) use Google Cloud Print to submit and manage print jobs,” states the description on Google Code. Cloud Print would be implemented in Google Android and the Google Chrome OS.

Since Google already supports contacts, mail, and calendar it only makes sense that Docs will be given support next. Google Docs will soon have syncing capabilities. Lastly Google Docs only has basic features when it comes to editing Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. It only makes sense that the next step is to open up APIs to third party applications to get advanced features.

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