Cloudera Acquires Machine Learning Company Myrrix

Posted Jul 16, 2013

Cloudera is a Hadoop-focused startup that has acquired a machine learning company called Myrrix.  Myrrix founder Sean Owen will become Cloudera’s director of data science in London.  Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that is about the construction and study of systems that can learn from data.

“Cheap infrastructure doesn?t help without accessible applications on top. And, machine learning gets surprisingly harder to implement at scale. Most research assumes a world in which all data fits on one machine. Adjusting these ideas to Hadoop?s data-parallel world takes some clever reinvention. This began most visibly in the Mahout project, where many algorithms have been parallelized for Hadoop,” stated Owen in a blog post.  “There is still so much to be done from these beginnings before learning on Hadoop is as accessible as it can be. After all, in the early days, Hadoop itself was a ball of source code that only adventurous specialists could effectively embrace. However, Cloudera has shown how to extend it, package it, support it and make it far more accessible to a much bigger audience. The same will happen for applications like Big Learning ? that?s always been the Myrrix vision too, and now, we?re working together within Cloudera to start building this out for you, the bigger audience.”

Cloudera is known for developing and distributing Hadoop.  Hadoop is an open source software that powers data processing engineers for some of the world’s largest and popular websites.  Cloudera is based in Silicon Valley and was founded by Amr Awadallah.