CloudFlare Now Supports Google SPDY Protocol

Posted Jun 16, 2012

CloudFlare is a service that plans to make websites faster and safer. CloudFlare has announced that they have started rolling out support for the Google SPDY protocol on their network. As of right now it is in beta mode, but you can sign up here.

Google made the announcement about the SPDY project over two years ago. The goal of SPDY is to improve HTTP by reducing overhead and compressing data. SPDY opens one connection to the server and can fetch more than one resource at a time according to TechCrunch.

Google uses SPDY on their servers and for the Chrome browser. SPDY is supported on the Mozilla Firefox 11 browser and so does the Amazon Silk browser on the Kindle Fire. Several web companies like Twitter have enabled SPDY in the last few months.

SPDY requires SSL and SSL is only made available for paying CloudFlare users. This means that you need to be a paying customer to apply for SPDY beta on CloudFlare.