CNBC To Partner With LinkedIn For Content Deal

Posted Sep 4, 2008

“LinkedIn and CNBC’s partnership will present LinkedIn members with up to the minute business intelligence and the ability to engage with other professionals in and around CNBC’s on-air business coverage,” stated Dan Nye, CEO of LinkedIn. “Moreover, we will be able to draw out insights from LinkedIn’s global user base to generate fascinating new types of business content for CNBC to broadcast.”

CNBC and LinkedIn have officially entered an agreement. The agreement is that CNBC will be distributing content in the LinkedIn social network. This includes articles, blogs, and video from its current news and archived sources. CNBC will provide the content from across its North American, European, and Asian offices.

What does LinkedIn get in return? LinkedIn community-generated content will receive a fair amount of publicity from CNBC.

CNBC reaches about 400 million viewers across the world and 95 million in the U.S. LinkedIn has 27 million users. For previous LinkedIn coverage, refer to

The official press release is available here.