CNN and Facebook Partnering To Launch An “I’m Voting” Facebook App

Posted Jul 9, 2012

CNN and Facebook are partnering with each other on an initiative to get people out there to vote for the November 6th election.  CNN and Facebook are creating a Facebook application called “I’m Voting.”  CNN and Facebook will be working with each other to measure metrics about the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

The “I’m Voting” application will allow Facebook users to commit to vote and endorse candidates and issues.  Their commitments will be displayed on their Timeline, News Feed, and Ticket.  The app will be available in English and Spanish.  The commitments will be visually appear on an interactive map.

“We fundamentally changed the way people consume live event coverage online, setting a record for the most-watched live video event in Internet history, when we teamed up with Facebook for the 2009 Inauguration of President Obama. By again harnessing the power of the Facebook platform and coupling it with the best of our journalism, we will redefine how people engage in the democratic process and advance the way a news organization covers a national election,” stated CNN Digital Senior Vice President KC Estenson.