CNN Buys CNNbrk Twitter Account From James Cox

Posted Apr 16, 2009

This is the first time I’ve heard that a Twitter account has been acquired where the buyer was actually believed to be the product owner to begin with.  The product is an account called CNNbrk on Twitter.   CNNbrk reports breaking news that occurs on CNN and it has been managed by James Cox over the last two years.  Today the account has almost 1 million followers and it is racing with Britney and Ashton to hit 1 million followers.  CNN was personally working with Cox on the account for over two years. probably received additional pageviews by the hundreds of thousands through the CNNbrk account so it is likely that CNN paid a healthy amount to take control of it.  The financial details were undisclosed.  If you’re interested in following Cox on Twitter, visit him at:

[via BusinessInsider]