Cobra Unveils 5 New Radar Detectors At CES

Posted Jan 5, 2011

Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ:COBR) has announced a new line-up of radar detection product at CES. All of these new products will be available in March 2011. The five new models are detailed below:

Formula S Series of High Performance Detectors:
– XRS 9370, XRS 9470, XRS 9570 models
-Ultra-compact design and improved range/performance
-Advanced, 14-band detection, city/highway selector, auto-mute, LaserEye? 360 laser detection, voice alerts, and more
-Highly affordable price points starting at $89.95

Formula R Series of Ultra Performance Detectors:
-XRS 9670 and XRS 9770 models
-Ultra-sleek design for the ultimate in visual appeal
-State-of-the-art 15-band detection, Intellishield Tri-Level City mode, Smart Power, advanced DigiView data display, 8-point compass, and much more
-Pricing starting at $159.95

[Press Release]