College Fanz Raises Over $2 Million

Posted Apr 2, 2008

“The timely fashion in which we were able to not only close the round in uncertain economic times, but to attract some of the areaâ??s more sophisticated investors, validates the vision of College Fanz Founder and ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen.”
-Darren Pulito, President of CollegeFanz

College Fanz is a sports social network that focuses on collegiate sports all over the nation and accounts for all the divisions. New users are asked to register a username, email, password, and enter your college name. I like to sign up for all the social networks that I find intriguing so of course, I signed up for College Fanz. As you type in your college in the registration form, a pull down menu will appear and you select the college.

After clicking Create Account, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the inputted e-mail address. This is to prevent spammer accounts. The confirmation e-mail is supposed to take roughly half-hour or less.

There are a few primary features to the site with the homepage serving as the dashboard. The homepage contains links to the top 20 basketball bracket users, Videos/Photos added by users, polls, and a news feed of all the active users. The homepage also contains an internal link to the schedules of your school’s Football and Basketball sports.

The Musser Group backed College Fanz’ initial launch with an investment around the range of $500,000-$1 million. The company did not disclose the name of the Series A investor nor the amount, but paidContent’s David Kalplan stated that it is approximately $2-$5 million.

Information Source:
[1] College Fanz press release: College Fanz Sports Network Announces Successful Close of Series A Round Private Placement