College Intern Builds Facebook Twitter Feature

Posted Aug 22, 2009

Facebook has a new feature that allows companies or individuals to update their Twitter statuses through a Facebook Page.  The developer of this feature was not Mark Zuckerberg or any of the FriendFeed guys or any of the Parakey guys.  It was built by a lowly-paid summer intern.

More specifically it was built by Stanford University junior Michael Gummelt.  “I was able to build this new feature from start to finish as a summer engineering intern. Next month I’ll head back to school, but I’m excited to see my work here live on through all of the people who now will both share on Facebook and tweet on Twitter right from their Facebook Pages,” wrote Gummelt on the Facebook blog.

Many celebrities and organizations boast the Twitter and Facebook Fans they have.   The more Fans and Twitter followers people have, the more proactive they have to be in terms of updating.  This feature will make it easy for them to maintain their online marketing profiles.