Colorful Nintendo Summer: Black Wii and Red DSi On The Way

Posted Jun 5, 2009

If you’re bored of the generic colors that the Wii and the DSi comes in, Nintendo is getting ready to provide additional options.  More specifically, there will be a black-colored Wii and a red-colored DSi shipping from Japan soon.

The black Wii is code-named KURO Wii and it has been a rumor for about two years.  The black Wii will cost about ¥25,000 ($255) and the red DSi will cost ¥18,900 ($192).  The two new colors for the consoles will be available in Japan on August 1st.

The black Wii will have similar colored Wiimotes, nunchucks, and classic controllers.  Availability in the U.S. is still yet to be determined.

[via Engadget]