Comcast and Sony Open Up Store In Philadelphia, Sony Style Comcast Labs

Posted Mar 17, 2009

Comcast and Sony Electronics has partnered on a new store.  The new store opens in Philadelphia and it will be called Sony Style Comcast Labs.  It will be a store where people can learn about new devices and technologies.  The new store opened yesterday.  It shows off all of Comcast and Sony’s new products and services.

Visitors of the store will be able to check out “The Future of High-Speed Internet” and “The Future of Home Phone Service” presented by Comcast.  At the store, Comcast will be showing up download speeds of 100Mbps which is 20 times the normal speeds.

In the store, Sony features Bravia HD LCD TVs, Vaio PCs and laptops, Handycam camcorders, PSPs, PS3s, and Cyber-shot digital cameras.

[via Engadget]