Comcast To Take On Nest In Smart Thermostat Business

Posted Jun 11, 2013

Comcast is developing a smart thermostat product called the EcoSaver.  The EcoSaver is a cloud-based product that works with the Xfinity Home thermostat to monitor the temperatures in their houses.  It automatically makes adjustments based on real-time data.

Temperatures can be controlled through preferences.  The EcoSaver learns the unique heating and cooling patterns in a home to make automatic adjustments.  “Over time, the system adapts to user inputs to help reduce energy while keeping the home comfortable,” said Comcast in a statement.

The EcoSaver service was made possible by Comcast’s partnership with EcoFactor.  Comcast said that customers could potentially reduce their energy use and save money on their utility bills within the first 60 days of service.

Comcast unleashed Xfinity Home back in 2010.  The service has wireless sensors setup around the house on windows, doors, and thermostats so that they can be adjusted.  Xfinity Home also supports video monitoring, motion detectors, keychain remotes, and lighting.

EcoSaver is going to be included in the Xfinity Home 350 and Control Home 150 tiers of service.  The EcoSaver can be added to the Xfinity Home Secure 300 or Home Control 100 packages for $6.95 per month.

The Xfinity Home essentially competes directly against the Nest learning thermostat.  At the beginning of this year, we reported that Nest was hitting 40,000 shipments per month and they raised around $80 million.  Comcast EcoSaver is backed by a massive organization so it may not take too long until Comcast gives Nest a run for their money.