Comcast Is Meeting With FCC About Not Sharing Shows With Internet Video Companies

Posted Nov 24, 2010

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and executives with NBC Universal is meeting with officials at the FCC this week. Comcast and NBC both do not want to be required to provide shows and movies to Internet video distributors like Apple TV and Google TV as part of their merger agreement.

In December 2009, General Electric agreed to sell control of NBC to Comcast in a deal worth $30 billion. Comcast execs Matt Bond (VP of content acquisition), Kathy Zachem (VP of regulatory affairs), and Rick Cotton (general counsel) met with FCC’s John Flynn (merger senior counsel), Julius Genachowski (Chairman), and Rick Kaplan (chief counsel).

?The program access rules were designed to regulate traditional linear delivery of video programming, a market with an established business model,? stated Comcast and NBC in a filing. ?In the nascent, rapidly-evolving online video market where there is no established business model, it would be difficult as a practical matter to compare distributors for purposes of determining whether a programmer had unreasonably discriminated against a distributor.? Comcast and NBC said that the FCC needs to establish specific program-access rules for the Internet.

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