Comcast Launches Videos Streaming Service Streampix For $4.99 Per Month

Posted Feb 21, 2012

This week Comcast Corporation is launching a new video streaming service called Streampix. Streampix will only be available to existing Comcast subscribers. The Streampix package costs $4.99 per month when bundled with other Comcast video packages. Streampix will allow users access to past seasons of TV shows like 30 Rock, Lost, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. Users can also access movies like Brokeback Mountain, The Big Lebowski, and Ocean’s Eleven.

Streampix competes directly against other video streaming services like Hulu, Redbox, and Netflix, which charges about $7.99 per month. Comcast’s content partners include ABC, NBC, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Cookie Jar Entertainment. Streampix will be integrated into Xbox 360 and Android soon.