Comcast and NBC Signs Deal With Twitter

Posted Oct 9, 2013

Twitter has been used as a platform to discuss TV shows and soon people will be able use the micro-blogging service to watch shows also.  NBCUniversal and Comcast announced that they entered a partnership with Twitter.  Millions of Xfinity TV customers will be able to watch TV shows and movies through a new feature called See It.

“See It will be integrated into a show?s tweet, so that with the click of a button, I can change the channel on my TV right away, record it or even watch on my mobile device,” stated Comcast chief business development officer Sam Schwartz on the Comcast blog.

NBC’s “See It” button will appear in tweets later this year and will let customers watch shows through the link or from set top boxes.  The links will also allow users to set their DVRs and buy tickets through Fandango.

Some of the networks that are participating in this program includes CNBC, NBC, and SyFy.

[Source: Mashable]