Compass-EOS Raises $42 Million

Posted Nov 18, 2013

Compass-EOS has raised $42 million in funding.  The company previously raised $120 million in funding.  Compass-EOS is known for building routers. Compass-EOS’ largest competitor, Cisco Systems, is also an investor in the startup.  Compass-EOS spent around six years developing a technology called icPhotonics.  This technology brings optical communications to standard silicon chips.  This allows for faster data transfers from routers that are 21 times smaller than existing routers.  Compass-EOS will be realigning their workforce.

?The strong vote of confidence from our investors and our refined company strategy further position Compass-EOS for global growth and success,? stated Compass-EOS CEO Gadi Bahat.

Based in Milpitas, California, Compass-EOS’ existing investors include Comcast Ventures, Cisco, and Pitango Venture Capital.  The new investors in this company includes Russian private equity fund RUSNANO.

[Source: VentureBeat]