Complex Media Raises $25 Million

Posted Sep 23, 2013

Complex Media is a men’s fashion/style entertainment company that has launched over 10 years ago.  Complex Media runs, which is a profitable web business that is hitting almost 90 million monthly visitors and 931 million monthly pageviews across over 100 publishers.  Complex Media has raised $25 million in funding from Iconix Brand Group (Owner of Rocawear, Umbro, and Ecko Unlimited).

“There was no trepidation,” stated Complex Media CEO Rich Antoniello as quoted by BusinessInsider. “[Iconix] was very smart, aggressive, and did its due diligence.”

Iconix chief executive officer Neil Cole (Kenneth Cole’s brother) spearheaded this investment.  Neil’s team has been looking to put money into a media property for years now.  Cole has been working with Complex on marketing campaigns before making the investment.  Marc Ecko is also on Complex’s board of directors.  Neil Cole has joined the Complex Media board of directors as well.  The investment in Complex Media does not give Iconix free advertising.  They will be treated like any other advertisers.

The last time we wrote about Complex Media was in December 2009 when they raised $12.8 million from Accel Partners and Austin Ventures.