Computer Disguised As An ATM Siphoned Card Data At DEFCON

Posted Aug 3, 2009

At the 17th annual DEFCON conference, someone took a hacking prank to the next level.  One of the hackers placed a computer disguised as an ATM machine in an area where there were no security cameras at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.

The ATM captured the information of an unknown number of hackers at the conference.  An organizer of the conference said that security had seized the fake ATM as soon as it was noticed to be suspicious.

?In any casino anything that is considered that high value has a camera,? stated Aries Security CEO Brian Markus, who had noticed the machine.  ?And they placed it where there were no [hotel] cameras visibly watching that exact spot where the ATM was.?

Markus realized the ATM was fake when he noticed that the smoked glass on the front of the ATM had something funny about it.  When he placed a flashlight against it, he noticed a PC inside that was siphoning credit card data.  The ATM was placed in front of the hotel security office.

[via Wired]