Conan O’Brien Creates Viral LinkedIn Profile

Posted Sep 30, 2013

Conan O’Brien recently talked about his digital presence on one of his shows.  He pointed out that the good news was that he had around 9 million followers on Twitter, almost 4 million Google+ followers, over 2 million likes on Facebook, and almost 1 million subscribers on YouTube. 

However, “there’s one vital piece missing from the Conan social media empire.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have zero followers on LinkedIn.  Zero.  Well guess what.  That’s about to change!”  Conan made it his goal to conquer LinkedIn.  “Here’s the problem.  I don’t know what LinkedIn is.”  He created a LinkedIn profile and it has gone viral:

On his profile, you will notice that he spent 12 years as a Lighting Designer for Applebees International. He also lists 120/80 as his blood pressure for the “Test Scores” section. His skills and expertise listed are “talking,” “pretending to listen,” “Microsoft Excel,” and “blaming my father.”

[LinkedIn: Conan O’Brien]