Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco Launches Tablet Sync App For iPad and Android [VIDEO]

Posted Feb 28, 2012

Conan O’Brien’s marketing team has launched the Team Coco Tablet Sync App for the iPad. The tablet is a free second-screen product. The app will offer 25 bits of bonus content every episode. It syncs the tablet by detecting the show’s audio using the microphone on the device. Pretty sweet, eh? Viewers will be able to sync the app to episodes that are live, from your DVR, or hosted from the app.

In the past few episodes, users of the app can access behind-the-scenes photos that are premiered within the app. The app also lets viewers interact with each other in a social networking fashion. Some of the real-time elements in the app include comments, guest backgrounds, polls, quizzes, trivia, memorable quotations, etc.

Conan O’Brien places a high value on social media for marketing himself as a brand. TeamCoco had a blimp that people could check into using Foursquare when his show first launched. He currently has over 5 million followers and 1.8 million Facebook fans. The videos on the Conan website and YouTube pages were viewed 83 million times in 2011.