Conan O’Brien’s Tweets Appear On Billboards Now

Posted Apr 11, 2010

Conan O’Brien tweets are now being seen on billboards. The billboards will feature what Conan O’Brien tweeted most recently and highlights Conan’s new website Currently that website features pictures of the billboards. Below is a statement that billboard company Lamar had to say about the project:

Conan has lost his home and his rightful place on millions of screens across the nation. His audience is also lost. Some are picking up the pieces of their lives, but many can’t. Some are too young to know this isn’t their fault: that they’ve done nothing wrong. So, until this talented, brilliant, voluptuously coiffed man has his show back, we shall offer him our screens. His tweets will be displayed 22 feet wide on thousands of digital displays across this great land in the noble hope of putting a little Conan back in all of our lives. Lamar is with Coco.